How the Dashboard Works

Your dashboard is a place where you can create ticket requests, follow the status of those requests, and learn more about Content Crop. 



There are three buttons that will allow you to do specific actions:

  1. View Your Requests - Will redirect you to the request page, where you can check the status of all your requests. 

  2. Make a New Request - Will redirect you to the request form, where you can create new requests. 

  3. Template Request - Will redirect you to a template request form where you can create design template requests. 

Knowledge Base 


If you scroll down, you will see the Knowledge Base. This section contains FAQs for different topics involving Content Crop, the dashboard, your account and subscriptions, and more. 

Need Help


Scrolling further below will lead you to the Contact Section. Click “Contact Us” to send us a message. Our team will review the message you send immediately, assess your concern, and try to get back to you as soon as we can. 

Log out 

To log out of your account click “Sign Out” at the top of your dashboard in the upper right corner.

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